​The Sailor’s book - danish

The Sailor’s book

More joy with better knowledge
- Currently available in danish, swedish and norwegian. English version not yet published

- The most comprehensive and broadly oriented book on sailing in Scandinavia
- Useful for new and experienced sailors – sailing is presented in an easy and accessible way, illustrated with 772 photos and illustrations
- Goes all the way from buying a boat and choosing the right equipment to navigation, harbour manouvers, rig trim and spinnaker/gennaker sailing
- Separate section on dinghy sailing
- Extensive section on racing, also for sailors on a high level
- A book to grow on. Will provide opportunities to develop as a sailor for years ahead.

The sailor’s book is sold in more than 10.000 copies. It’s a "sailor’s bible", built to follow every kind of sailor through his or her journey from beginner to expert, and provide useful inputs to all members of the crew or family. The book is 334 pages, and an english version is planned for 2017. 

53.00 EUR