About Blue Ocean Media

Blue Ocean Media is a danish/norwegian publishing house and press agency founded 2004, with a solid foot in the sailing community.

Most of our journalistic stories are published in boat magazines in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, with occasional stories published in other countries, England included. More on that: www.blueoceanmedia.dk

The book publishing started out with the "Sailor’s Book" in 2010/2011 (not yet in an english version). This sailing encyclopedia became the start of a freelance-based publishing activity, combining a well-rooted knowledge of sailing and boats with professional production of text and photo. We have since sold several titles to Sweden, published by Nortstedts Publishing and the swedish sailing federation SSF.

So far there are 9 titles out, a few of them by other authors, writing on subjects other than sailing. These books are mainly sold through scandinavian book stores.

Our latest book, SAIL AND RIG, came march 2016, printed on four languages simultaneously: Danish, norwegian, swedish and english.

All our books related to sailing can be ordered on this site.