​Sail RS Feva! Get started as a doublehanded dinghy sailor

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This book has only one job to do: To make it as easy and fun as possible to get started as a doublehanded dinghy sailor. RS Feva is a very popular dinghy for youth sailors, mostly 12-16 years. In this book you will find everything you need to know to get going. The book can also be used more broadly, for other types of boats.

"Sail Feva" is currently available in norwegian and swedish versions, developed in cooperation with the norwegian and swedish sailing federation. In both countries, this book is a part og the official learning material used in sailing clubs and sailing schools.

The book is 80 pages, lightly designed with a limited amount of information on each page. The content is logically organized, with the first, simple steps on the first pages. Each page asks a question, answered and closed on the same page. The format is wide and adapted a later iPad/tablet version.