11 meters of freedom

11 meters of freedom

To sail around the world alone

Christian H. Liebergreen is the second scandinavian sailor ever to complete a singlehanded voyage around the world, nonstop and unassisted. The first was danish Jan Møller, completing his circumnavigation in 2004.

Liebergreen passed the finish line march 2013.

11 meters of freedom is a book for everyone with adventure in the blood – and a genuine interest for what happens, when a man seeks the final frontier. The book is currently only available in danish, but an english version is planned for 2017.

Liebergreen sailed nonstop for 260 days – 29.254 nautical miles – without ever coming ashore, without ever meeting another human being or having supplies on board.

It was a journey through the most desolate and stormy waters of the world, but also a journey into the corners of the mind. In the book, Liebergreen reports honestly about what happened during the circumnavigation and what he struggled with, both mentally and physically.

The book is 256 pages filled with spectacular photos, charts and route descriptions. 11 meters of freedom can inspire us all to live our dreams – whatever they might be.

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