Havneboka Sørlandskysten

Havneboka Sørlandskysten

The best harbours from Svenner to Lista

A series of guide books covering the southern coast of Norway and some swedish and danish harbours. Currently only available in norwegian.

New, edited version 2016 – new lookup functions, facilitated for families with children.

The guide book describes guest harbours and natural harbours and anchorages. Equally useful for experienced sailors and beginners. One harbour per page, overview charts for each chapter repeated on every page – all features to make it easy to navigate through the book and find your favorite place.

Havneboka Sørlandskysten covers the waters from Svenner (Larvik) over the archipelago around Kragerø, Blindleia and Lindesnes to Lista.

Each place is described with a helicopter shot, a detailed map for boat use and a short, informative text. Entry, position, camera angle and local services are all marked on the map. Over three volumes, the books cover more than 470 harbours and anchorages on the Skagerrak coast.

Volume 1: The Oslo fjord. Volume 2: Sørlandskysten. Volume 3: Skagerrak 

41.50 EUR