Sejl og Rig - dansk

Sail and Rig - danish

The tuning guide

- Updated knowledge on how to trim sails and rigging in all conditions
- Built in sections that make it easy to find exactly what you need
- Short and precise texts, 279 photos and illustrations
- Researched with professional riggers, sailmakers and international elite sailors as consultants
- Should be a part of every sailor’s basic equipment

The most comprehensive and updated book on trimming. 192 pages with striking photos and simple illustrations. Goes all the way from background knowledge to practical trim guides and troubleshooting.

A well-trimmed sailing boat is not only faster – it heels less, balances better and is more comfortable. Wear and load is reduced and expensive gear lasts longer. The risk of damage or rig failure is significantly lower when you know how to take care of your rig and sails.

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